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Naperville Chinese Daycare

  • After-School Care: Learning and play combine together in our program for children in Naperville. Under our safe roof, each day brings a new adventure.
  • Days-Off Care: A day off at school means a great day ahead at Run-Ze! After a day of learning, music, sports, and fun, children will return home with great memories.
  • Tutoring: Run-Ze's staff will challenge even the most talented of children, inspiring them to reach a next level.
  • Summer Camps: Fun and learning are just part of the summer at Run-Ze, which also includes field trips, pool time, music, and more!

We are Run-Ze

We are education, fun, sports, and music bundled into one great package. A quality daycare provider for the Naperville community since 2008, our small size can be used to tailor to every child's individual needs, instead of trying to manage many, many children at once. With a parent's assistance, we promise that every child is perfectly satisfied. We try to include education into children's fun and play, letting them have fun while learning important life skills and lessons. At the end of the day, this means that the child goes home after a day of fun, while learning great lessons, and the parents don't have to break the bank. That's what makes us Run-Ze.

Why Us?

  • DCFS licensed staff and facility
  • Included tutoring from experienced professionals
  • Small 1:8 teacher:student ratio for a more personal experience
  • Transportation from schools (a block away from Spring Brook)
  • Chinese language instruction
  • Efficient and fun teaching strategy pleases all
  • Caring staff in safe, fun, and casual facility
  • Flexible times and payment
  • Musical instruments and recreational activities

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